Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Won't You Join......

Guest Artist! Christy Meyers

Christy Meyer's work has been the source of inspiration for many, as she is nationally known for her beautiful sculpted dolls, whimsical characters, and seasonal one-of-a- kind ornaments. Her work has been showcased in many galleries and her Ashton Drake ornament collection is a favorite of mine. I have them all.
A long time member of the talented group, Primitive Folk Art Tea and Talk (P.F.A.T.T) Christy is always coming up with new and exciting works of art. A talented lady to be sure!
On January 12, Christy's Winter Wonderland classes, Santa...and his twinkling eyes, and Cindy Lou Who, both are being offered for this special winter session.
Step by step Christy will walk you through her process of creating those expressive faces we all know and love. The turn of a brow, the arch of the lips, even the laugh lines are signature Christy Meyers. With some fascinating instruction from her wonderful husband Greg, also known as Elf, Christy is going to share with her students all the little secrets to making a beautiful sculpted Santa face. Make them as gifts for yourself and your friends. They are sure to love them. Register Here.
As a bonus, Christy is also offering a second workshop where you can learn how to make Cindy Lou Who! Both classes with Christy Meyers is $130. Video offers clear instruction, using Christy's process which she has developed with years of experience. Don't miss out! Classes Begin November 12. And, as visiting artist, Christy will be here to answer all your questions as you make your way.

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