Friday, January 8, 2010

Stay Tuned................

(Pictured above are some preview pics of The Penny Feather Tree with 13 of the 30 some ornaments which will be auctioned off in February.)

My Friend, Penny….
I was asked to write a biography about my friend, Penny Lamont McAllister, by my sisters of PFATT as I’ve known Penny for longer than most of my sisters, however I have found the words more difficult than I ever imagined.

Penny came into my life, as most have done, by fate. We roomed together for a little show called “The Folk Art Invitational” many years ago. Dressed in vibrant colors, only out shown by the glow in her face, Penny walked into our hotel room and my life. A true Southern woman from Alabama with a drawl to match, Penny enchanted me with her art…So bright, cheery and filled with child like innocence it brought me back to my most fondest kindergarten memories of my favorite books, crayons, tempra paints, and lickey stars. (Which makes total sense since she is a retired Elementary School librarian). She shared her “pimenta cheese” with me and I introduced her to lemon drops, and we have been friends ever since.

Sure Penny has lots to crow about…. Licensed through Midwest of Cannon Falls for longer than any other artist I know. Participates in some of the toughest juried shows in the country… Has been published in Country Living and Southern Living, and probably more that I do not even know about, but she doesn’t give them much thought. Like most artists, Penny sees so many of the imperfections of her work and is rarely satisfied, however unlike most artists she is not daunted by the odds. Penny continually asks the question, “What do you have to lose” and ventures out into new directions and possibilities like no other, even from her hospital bed.

Which brings me to the new chapter in Penny’s life…. The Acute Leukemia Chapter, which I wish had never opened, but God must know Penny well enough to know…. She will not give in to this dreaded disease. She will fight you Leukemia with all her polka dots, glitter, and guts that she has, and she is not alone. With her husband Jonathon, her two daughters, her “Mama”, and all the lovers of her art and especially her PFATT Sisters, we are here to make a stand against this disease, and we will not stop until our special Penny is cured. I hope you will join in our stand against Leukemia, and help us support our fight, with the only thing we artists can offer… our work. Please leave a comment, a bid(auction to be listed in February), or a donation to the Leukemia Society in honor of it’s newest member, Penny Lamont McAllister… my friend and sister. I love you Penny… Love, Christy Meyers