Sunday, January 16, 2011

PFATT Poe Challenge!

I hope you all will join us this week in celebrating the birthday of one of the most well known authors....Edgar Allan Poe!

And here is a look at all the PFATT member's who have joined us in this challenge along with their challenge pieces. Just click on the pic of the item to go see it on eBay!

Edgar Allan Poe Crow Make Do/Pincushion
by PFATT Artist Laura Sederstrom of Primpenny

Edgar Allan Poe Mixed Media Painting
by PFATT Artist Mandy Bennett Broom of Fiddlestix Studios

Poe's Midnight Dreary
by PFATT Artist Deborah Adams of Possible Impossibilities Studio

Edgar Allan Bunny Poe
by PFATT Artist Kaf Grimm of Grimitives

Happy Birthday Poe Mixed Media Hang Tag
by PFATT Artist Lori Davis of Vintage Palette Art

"The Toaster"
by PFATT Artist Rose Gilpin of Rosebabys

Edgar Allan Poe Nodder
by PFATT Artist Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions

"The Ghostly Lenore"
by PFATT Artist Cindy Conrad of The Pixie's Thimble

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