Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's finally starting to cool off in the evening, so I sure hope that means that our favorite time of the year is almost here! Nothing better than cool night air, colorful fall foilage, apple cider, pumpkins in the fields and dried corn shalks! Well...........there might be just one thing better than all those things that herald the beginning of fall.......


All you have to do for a chance to win one of our prizes donated by the talented ladies of PFATT is post a comment here telling us what your favorite part of fall is. Post our PFATT Fall Giveaway banner (along with the link to the PFATT blog) on your Facebook page and/or blog and we'll put your name in an extra time for each one that you add it to!

Click on the artist's giveaway pic to go see more of their art.

***Please make sure that you leave your email addy so we have a way to get in touch with you if you are one of our lucky winners. ***

This giveaway has been extended until Monday September 13th at midnight.

Two Free Admissions to GHOULTIDE GATHERING in Northville, MI
Courtesy of Scott Smith of Rucus Studios

Hand Painted Spooky Tree Halloween Necklace
by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor of Gypsymarestudios

Little Grimmy Reaper Ornie
by Carmen Ellis of Spooky Hollow Art

Little Mousie Ghost
by Deb Garlem of Bitterweet Pastimes

Paper Clay Moon Man Ornie
by Mandy Bennett Broom of Fiddlestix Studios

"Tabith" Halloween Pumpkin Doll
by Jo Dismukes of Lacey Jane Primitives

"Herman" Pumpkin Make-Do
by Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou

"Octavia" Pumpkin Head Make-Do
by Rose Gilpin of Rosebabys

Handmade Halloween Witch Hang Tag Art
by Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions

Halloween Hang Tag & Pin Ornie
by Lori Davis of Vintage Palette Art

Candy Corn Bowl Fillers
by Jody Preston of Star Spangled Pretties

"Guess Who Gourd "
by Deborah Adams of Possible Impossibilities Studio

"Wicked Sweet" Trinket box
by Carolee Clark of Kingofmicestudios

"Halloween Alice in Wonderland" Tile Necklace w/Trinket Box
by Annette Schwerdt of Confounded Concoctions


  1. Hi, my favorite part of Fall is crisp air, Halloween and DAD'S homemade APPLE pies. They are fabulous. Not sure if I did this right, oops...I tried.(Monique...this is the link to my blog, it helped me deal with dad...its kinda funny,and yes I am kinda WARPED!)

  2. Hi, Oh I love Fall! Its crisp frosty mornings with spiderwebs glittering in the dew and the awesome painted leaves inspiring me to go create! I NEED one of these gooodies!!!

  3. what i love about fall is the crispness in the air, the changing of the colors, the squirrels busily gathering the chestnuts from our yard preparing for winter and the chance to win some great art!!! rchelle @ hotmail

  4. WOW! I would love to win any of these wonderful works of art!
    Robert~Halloween Fanatic

  5. OOPS...My favorite part is the pumpkin pie! Robert

  6. Great creations! You guys out did your selves! Please enter me in the giveaway!
    Jennie Hepler

  7. I love the colors of fall, the bounty of the fall harvest, and perhaps a chance to wear a cozy sweater on a cool evening walk. Then there are the fat happy pumpkins and best of all, the little trick-or-treaters. And best of all is the PFATT artist giveaway!

  8. My favorite parts of Fall are:
    1. Halloween
    2. Hunting for the PERFECT pumpkin
    3. The smell of falling leaves, burning wood and dropping temperatures.

  9. Hello, Oh, I think fall is my favorite season, I love the cool air, the beautiful colors of the trees and who does not love pumpkins and apples. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you so much for the opportunity to win. What wonderful artists. Have a wonderful day. Terri

  10. Wicked goodies form amazing artists! Wow! My favorite part of fall is when the woods surrounding our home become ablaze with Autumnal color. It looks like someone clicked the light on in the woods. Oh and Halloween of course. Please throw my name in the magic hat! :) Becca

  11. I can't list just one! I LOVE that cool, crisp air, the smell of all the fireplaces burning, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, baking pies, big pots of stew and chili, decorating for Halloween and most of all trick or treating with my boys...I know pretty soon they'll be too big for it and my trick or treating days will be over :o(

  12. Me again...I just posted the banner and link to my blog!
    My email addy is
    I would LOVE to win this awesome giveaway...thanks for the chance!

  13. Halloween of course. There has always been something about going out at night with everyone dressed and running the neighborhood collecting candy. Oh the good ole days.

  14. I love to hear the leaves rustling and the smell of them in the cool crisp air as I am on my way to a football game.

  15. "Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."
    I love everything about Fall! The best thing, though, is that Summer is over. When you live in Vegas, that's a big deal. hee hee!!

  16. What an incredibly, awesome array of prizes being donated for this most generous Giveaway! To ALL the PFATT artists, your talents and kindness continue to overwhelm!
    My favorite part of Fall is the turning of the vast coloring of the leaves .....

    October gave a party;
    The leaves by hundreds came -
    The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
    And leaves of every name.
    The Sunshine spread a carpet,
    And everything was grand,
    Miss Weather led the dancing,
    Professor Wind the band.
    ~George Cooper, "October's Party"

  17. These items are wickedly delightful. My favorite part of Autumn, besides Halloween of course, is the lack of humidity and scorching sun. My entire house is done in Fall colors, so it waits eagerly every year to fit in with the season.

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  19. Yay how fun! Im posting the link to my facebook page! My favorite part about fall is the lovely colors, I know it sounds weird but the smell that fall weather brings is something that I love!
    Heres the facebook link where I posted it!/profile.php?id=1666817484


  20. Very nice selection of handmade wares...I love them all. Please enter me. I will post your banner on my blog.

  21. Not sure why my comment was deleted... Please let me know if I said something wrong.

    I love the fall colors of the trees and Halloween, of course!

  22. Please enter me into the giveaway, fantastic!

    I have so many favorite things about the Fall, I love all the fantastic colors, the crisp smell in the air, and visiting our local apple orchard. Halloween is my favorite holiday too, and I love to see what all these talented artists are going to make!

    I am posting this link on my Facebook page as well.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  23. It would be hard to pick one favorite thing about fall. I live in Michigan so the fall colors are wonderful. I love the smell in the air, everything we cook with apples during this season, and I've always loved Halloween. Looking at the prim artist's creations is really getting me in the mood for Halloween already!

  24. Just added your link to my FB page~

  25. walking thru the woods,
    kicking up the orange,red and yellow leaves,
    cool crisp breezes,
    apples and pumpkins at the farm,
    making homemade apple sauce....

    that's what comes to mind when I think of Fall

  26. Oh I love Pfatt Blog Fall GiveAway....
    Yippee Skippeee. I love the crisp air of Fall. The cool breeze on your face and just knowing that everything has served its' purpose for another year, and it is time to go to sleep and rest for the new year to come. (Living in Phoenix, we have to drive up North to experience that, we don't really have cool seasons here in the valley.)

    I so love your giveaway and your artists are so phenomenal. I love it. Please enter me into the giveaway.

    I have also already posted your button on my scrollbar, proudly for all the artists involved.

    Here is my email:

    Again thanks to all of you for the wonderful share. Beautiful giveaways each and every one.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  27. I love the beautiful colors and smells of fall. The windows open and invite fresh spicy air in.

  28. I love the crunch of leaves, the smell of cider, sweatshirts, football games, purple, orange and black lights, children dressed like goblins, candy apples, treats, full moons and sitting by a fire, but my favorite thing about fall is creating and imagining new fall creations and then browsing fellow artist and seeing their enthusiasm and interpretation of fall right here on PFATT!

  29. Wonderfully created pieces, all! A walk on a cool Autumn evening, piling up leaves to jump in, donuts and hot apple cider, the trees ablaze with color, the smell of ripened apples on the trees, snuggling into a big sweater, thick stew with dumplings, I could go on and favorite time of year.

  30. P.S. I posted the banner to my FB page! Hope you all have a successful and bountiful harvest this full!

  31. Well- there isnt much of a fall where I live. LOL I LOVE halloween, all the fun that goes along with it. I don't like Thanksgiving for the most part.
    This is an awesome site! Thanks

  32. That is tough, I love the colors, the smell, the feel of fall, while I miss my hummingbirds while sitting in my gazebo drinking my morning coffee in the fall, I still have the clean, earthy smells, birds, the corn fields.
    Thanks for all the beautiful prizes, so many talented folks!
    Am posting to my facebook page and blog also!
    thanks again

  33. Also, my email address is (I really did this piece-meal!)

  34. Today is already fall, but it's still 32*C... I like fall for a hot cup of mulled wine and apple pie :))
    Link to a post here

  35. There are SOOOOOOOOO Many wonderful things about Fall! MY FAVORITE of all seasons.....
    *the change of colors
    *cooler temperatures
    *hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick
    *pumpkins and gourds
    *candy corn and Halloween Trick or Treat
    *Fall=Family and Friends
    Thanks for the giveaway, the pieces are all wonderful, and I would treasure any one!

  36. Fall is my favorite time of the year, the weather is cool and the hauntings begin! I think trick or treating is my favorite!!! My twins are 10 now so I am sure my trick or treating adventures are numbered. I will always treasure my own trick or treating and taking my kids trick or treating. I love to see the surprise and delight in their faces when we approach a home that is all decked out for the occasion.

  37. My fave part of Fall is the position of the sun, still warm, slight chill in the air. The air is filled with the smell of autumn leaves, and everyone else's home decor, finally matches mine lol

  38. I just posted about this on my blog.

  39. I love how fall conjures up memories of my childhood! I also love all of the gorgeous Haloween creations! !XOXO jo

  40. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I posted this on my facebook too!
    and my e-mail is, just in case I get LUCKY!

  41. Please enter me in to the Giveaway!! I love the pumpkins and apples the leaves turning colors and the start to football and of course Halloween so many wonderful memories it conjures up!!! :) E-mail is

  42. They are ALL so fun! My favorite part of Fall is Caramel apples, but in days gone by, my
    Grandmother's popcorn balls. She always made them for trick-or-treaters.

  43. I also added this link to my facebook page!!!

  44. My favorite part of Fall is looking out of my window at the changing leaves falling while I'm curled up on my comfy couch & sipping hot mulled cider. Classical music is playing on NPR & a wood fire is blazing in the fireplace. Fall is my favorite season & just that autumny smell in the air makes me deliriously happy! Corny, I know, but fun!

  45. Oh! I love the weather!!! It's a nice change from our humidity, but not too cold for us southerners either ;P

  46. Я люблю осень потому что у меня осенью День рождения!За буйство красок.

  47. Ohhhh, my favorite part of fall, cool evenings, cuddling on the couch by a nice cozy fire, hot cider, pumpkin pie!

    I posted your banner on my sidebar under giveways. I don't do FB.

    sassyminidolls at gmail dot com


  48. Hi Pfatt Artists !

    What awesome artistic creations ! They are all so sweet !

    The first thing that comes to mind when someone says fall.... is pumpkin ! Pumpkin pie, cookies, cake, bread , fudge, ice cream.. And prim pumpkins ! My favorite item to make.

    The next is Thanksgiving !

    Please enter me in your very generous giveaway. I am now going to post your giveaway on my blog.

    Happy Fall ya'all !


  49. Fall is my favorite season. Sure, I love all the crisp cool sweater weather, the apples and pumpkins and all that goes with it. But the best part? No more frizzy hair! Yay! xo xo Love this giveaway!

  50. I love driving on a lovely fall morning and seeing the fog filled fields. I also love the way that the sky becomes this particularly intense blue thats not seen at other times of year. I also love seeing the forest changing colors like some vast tapestry.

  51. It is a beautifull...I love them all. Please enter me. I will post your banner on my blog.

  52. I love the crisp air as we drive the Blue Ridge Parkway and look at all the lovely colors that Mother Nature shares with us!

  53. It's so difficult to pick just one part, but I guess I'd have to pick the smells. The smell of a fire on the air; the scent of pumpkin spice at Starbucks. The trees, the candles, the pies-it all smells so great!

    I'd love to cover all the senses though: the sight of the leaves changing, the feel of the air and that waxy skin of a fresh pumpkin on your cheek (oops! Am I the only one who does that?..) The taste of pumpkin (everything!) and the sound of Monday Night Football...

    The only thing that keeps me kicking through this awful heat is that Autumn is soon here!

  54. As fall is my favorite time of year, I love so much about it. I love the smells and the sounds, and the cool fresh air. But mostly I love the colors!

  55. I love everything about fall! The crisp clean air, the beautiful foliage, PUMPKINs, apple cider, Halloween, the cooler weather. Everything is just so magical about the season.

  56. i hope i don't just get to pick one thing i love about fall...because i love the pumpkins, the changing leaves, pumpkin pie, chilly days, the whole creepy halloween atmosphere...i love everything about fall...

  57. I would love to be entered into the giveaway!!
    My favorite part of Fall, well, I cant pick just one.
    It is a lot of things....
    The beautiful colors of the falling leaves and mums.
    The smell in the air, doesnt fall smell fabulous!!
    The cool but yet not cold yet, days and evenings.
    And we must not forget, Football!! :)

    I will post about the give on my sidebar on my blog and on FB.
    Thanks so much,

  58. Hi,
    Me again!!
    I just to let you know I have posted about the giveaway on my blog and on FB.

    Here is the link to my FB account.

    Thanks so much,

  59. Love all the art....It really gets you in the mood for Fall fun ;-)

  60. I love the wonderful colors and the crunch of leaves underfoot. My very favorite thing about fall is the cool crisp air that greets us in the morning.

  61. I have posted about the give away on my blog and my facebook account.!/profile.php?id=507337851

    my email:

  62. I joined your blog. I love it!!
    What I love about fall is:
    1. Halloween
    2. baking apple pies
    3. hay rides
    4. haunted houses
    5. craving out pumpkins
    6. hot cider
    7. spooky music
    8. seeing the kiddos coming to get their candy
    all dressed up
    9. I dress up every year to pass out candy
    10. cool days and crisp nights

    That is what I LOVE about Fall

    Spooky blessings,

  63. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I feel like life is preparing us for a slow down. The colors bring on vivid dreams, the cool air reminds us to snuggle in to loved one and the joy of the rush of summer is beakening for a break.
    Thank you for lovelyy offerings. I would be honored to grace any one of these in my home.

  64. Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the crisp, cool mornings & evenings, autumn sunsets, and Fall arts & craft shows! Thanks for your giveaway - I just found you today!

  65. Halloween of course & pick mE!

    SpOOky CK >:-)

  66. I Love the cool air of Fall and all the colors of the Leaves! I also LOVE that Halloween is in the Fall!
    Awesome pieces and I would give any one of them a great home! Please enter me :)


  67. I would have to say that it is so beautiful with the changing of the leaves on the trees and I enjoy going to a pumpkin farm with my daughter and picking out pumpkins and going on a hayrack ride and of course getting ready for Halloween!!


  68. Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the crisp air and all the wonderful colors. Please enter me in your drawing. I have posted on Facebook!

  69. love to snuggle with my hubby while setting in front of the fireplace. the wonderful cool nights.


  70. My favorite thing about Fall is the turning of the leaves. All of the pumpkin patches. I love decorating the whole house with my Halloween decorations and making it a magical spooky place. I would be so happy to win one of the awesome goodies.

  71. I suppose you mean the part of fall I like best BESIDES the annual PFATT BLOG FALL GIVEAWAY!

    That would have to be Hallowe'en! I love Love LOVE Hallowe'en!

    What a stunning group of prizes you're offering lucky folks this year! I'm keeping fingers crossed that I'm one of them!

  72. Apples and pumpkins displayed in the roadside markets, open windows, crisp air, and of course all the great Phatt Halloween Art! What a great bunch of artists. Thanks for the fine Halloween offerings!
    Ronnie in GA

  73. Hello,

    My favorite part of fall is easily the decor! I start looking for unique and interesting decorations several months in advance! I love the feeling that I get when readying our home for the holidays and spending time with the ones I love most is an amazing blessing. Each time I find a new piece to add to our collection, I feel like a child at Christmas time! There are so many wonderful things here!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Best wishes,


    Contact Info -

  74. What awesome creations!!!! Please enter me in this giveaway. I am a new follower.
    I love Fall/Autumn for the cool morning and evening breezes, the beautiful changing leaves and Halloween, my favorite holiday after Christmas!
    I will also post your giveaway on my Krazy Kraft Lady blog.


  75. What a great idea for a give-a-way. My favorite thing about fall is the colors. I love the vibrant fall colors. Unfortunately, I live in the south and miss those fall colors so.

    You can find your give-a-way listed in my blog at:

    And on my Facebook at:

  76. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the smells and the general feel of the warm days and cool evenings. There is something about fall that just makes me feel happy.

  77. I would also like to add that I have posted your link to my Blog at
    Thanks :)

  78. Added your link to my blog at

  79. My favorite things about Fall? Well, there are alot! Pumpkins, Fall Foilage, Halloween, and of course soccer!:o)
    Please throw my name into the hat!

  80. What awesome giveaway!

    My favorite part of fall is getting ready for Halloween! That, and a trip to the pumpkin patch to picks up bizarre squashes. Oh yeah. Cooking in the oven! Maybe THAT's my favorite part.

  81. Just posted on FB, too. I'll add on my blog later.

  82. What a pretty blog! Cute folk art box too! It reminds me of a vintage postcard! Love it! and on Ebay~ Gurglefish-Creations. Thanks for posting on FB!

  83. I LOVE enjoying the crisp air with a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. I just read that they are in store now--but I will wait, for the leaves to turn, pumpkins to appear, and that coolness in the air---yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  84. My favorite part of Fall is the nice fresh air and of course Halloween and my Birthday!

  85. The best part of Fall to me is that my favorite holiday, Halloween is in October. I would love to win any of these wonderful prizes! Thanks to all.

  86. oh! what a great giveaway! all of this work is amazing! favorite part of fall...the art festivals, my daughters birthday, Halloween of course!, crispy apples, making pots of soup, candles lit all the time, pumpkins, the smell in the name just a few!

  87. I love the crisp, cool breezes of Fall, the craft fairs, baking cookies, AND Painting lots of Fall and Halloween stuff! Great giveaway! Heading over to my blog to add your Banner.

  88. What I love best about fall is the colors of the season...bright oranges, yellows...and of course one of my favorite holidays FALLS during this time...and my birthday. So much fun! Great give aways from amazing artists! Thanks!! Joni (

  89. I wait for it month after month and then one day you feel it... that crisp cool air and I know the time has come :) I get out my raggedy scarecrows with hot glued plastic pumpkin heads stuck to their flannel shirts and coverall straps. My silly pink headed witch brewing something special in her caldron full of purple lights. Graves, webs and spiders galore. And that's just the start of it all... Knowing that big meal is coming next. My kitchen is calling and begging... It's time to come back. Get out the stew pots and bakeware... We have some cooking and baking to do :)
    In between decorating and cooking I can be found here --->

    How cool it would be to own one of the awesome talented creations here. Fantastic work everyone.

  90. Posted in both my blog and facebook :)

  91. Count me in you raffle, too. I am excited to be experiencing fall for the first time. I come from a 2 season (wet & dry) tropical country, the Philippines. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful colors of fall in the trees.

    I am inspired by your blog. Salamat. (Thank you).


  92. I just posted on my blog and have been FaceBooking every day. Beautiful pieces!

  93. After a long hot summer, the cool crispness of Fall is a wonderful respite. I can't wait!

    I really love what all of you have created for this season. Thank you all so much for the inspiration.

  94. I love fall because I can finally get outside and enjoy the fresh air after our hot Florida summer! Our leaves don't change but the mosquitoes go away so thats reason to celebrate!
    You guys have made some amazing creations this year and I would just love to win and bring a little Fall to Florida.

  95. So many beautiful things! I love having the links to visit these incredible artists! My favorite thing about Fall is the COLORS of Autumn! I live in the mountains of NC and we love to drive around to see the colors of the maples and other beautiful trees! Thanks! ♥

  96. Autumn is my favourite season. I love the rich red, orange and deep gold colours! Picking pumpkins from the garden. Watching the geese fly! Attending fall festivals!
    Thank you to all the artists who have donated such creativity!

  97. If I had to pick just one favorite (since there are SO many;)) it would be pumpkins! Pumpkin color, pumpkin coffee/tea/muffins, roasted pumpkin seeds, and of course carving.

    I also posted the giveaway on my blog :)

  98. What I love about fall...

    That people change, colors sing, wind blows, cinnamon smells in the air, seeing the jackos we carved change back into pumpkins and the sweaters we all wear. All the leaves that fall,and turkeys we roast and pumpkin seeds we toast and the chill in the air...shows us fall is surely here.
    That's why I love fall.
    Of course add the great giveaways, what more can I say !

    I will post this giveaway on my blog.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  99. The cooler weather and pumpkins! Everything just works better when the Texas heat starts to wane. foliage in the fall is wonderful too.

  100. Posted to my Blog and to Face book. Go get'em Pfatt!

  101. I put your giveaway banner on my sidebar! And I didn't give my email address in my other comment! Would be SO thrilled to win! Thanks!

    lavenderdreamstoo at gmail dot com

  102. My favorite thing about fall is Halloween!! We have a party most years to celebrate. I also love that those orchard fresh apples and football season! Your prizes are wonderful. I went to the gathering in Northville last year and it was fun!!

  103. Colorful, crunchy leaves, crisp air, wooly sweaters, apple cider, and HALLOWEEN! Everything about fall is fantastic. I also love that autumn brings more time to craft - the summer days were often too hot and humid, so the bit of crafting I was able to complete was done late at night.


  104. Please enter me in your giveaway. I love so many things about fall, mums, the changing leaves, the crisp air, craft shows, apple butter making, getting fresh apples at the orchard, these are just a few.

  105. My favorite part of fall is a blustery day and the feeling of that cool wind on my skin.

  106. Love all the kewl things...

    I love fall for the cooler weather, the beautiful fall weather and Football!!! Go Broncos!! tee hee..

    Thanks for extending this giveaway, the talent in your group in amazing!!!

    My email is

  107. Love all the neat things that are in this giveaway. Please enter me as I am your newest follower.

    My most favorite thing about fall is all the beautiful colors. Mother Nature surely outdoes herself at this time of the year.


  108. My favorite things about fall are the cool nights, and fresh apple cider.
    Please enter me, the prizes are awesome!

  109. My fav part of Fall: watching the leaves turn a gorgeous palette of colors here in the hills of East Tennessee... so pretty!

  110. My favorite things about fall are the anticipation of Halloween,and Thanksgiving, being just around the corner, and the beginning of football season.

    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com

  111. Oops! Forgot to include my email address in my original post:

    Another Fall favorite of mine is... Apple Cider!


  112. The best part of fall is in the name: Fall - Temperatures Fall, Leaves Fall, the fruit falls from the trees, pumpkins fall to the ground, stars fall from the sky. The harvest moon is to big, it looks like it is about to fall. The smell of the air is crisp with the scent of fall. The time falls back one hour. Shorter days fall quickly into night. The sky is punched with the color of fall. Here's to the Art Of Fall, and may there be fall blessings for all --