Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PFATT Tuesday is Here!

Today isn't just any old's PFATT Tuesday!
This month's theme is Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. What fun and what a variety of art you are sure to see come from this group of talented artists!

Keep checking back here to see the latest auctions listed with this theme!
(Just click on the pictures below to go to their auctions.)

Mixed Media Canvas Panel of Mary Had a Little Lamb
by Zinnie Galiher of Zinnia Treasures

Mother Goose Doll Vignette created
by Rose Gilpin of Rosebabys

Mary's Canary Doll Vignette created by JoEllen Laurita of Befruitful Kreations

Mixed Media hand painted hang tag/ornie of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary by Lori Davis of Vintage Palette Art

Owl & Rhyme by Johanna Parker of Johanna Parker Design

Betty Blue Lost Her Shoe created by Kaf Grimm of Grimitives

Three Blind Mice by Pam Gracia of Soft in The Head

Banbury Cross Canvas Painting by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor of Gypsymarestudios

Jack Sprat Sculpt by Deborah A. Adams of Possible Impossibilities Studio

Mother Goose Gaurdian Angel by Jo Dismukes of Lacey Jane Primitives

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