Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Penny Birthday Balloon Release...........

Message of Love

I may feel small with this task at hand
The balloon with its message thought

I have great distance to cover and love to bring
To the special angel it sought

Through the clouds this balloon will climb
With its humble message in tow

Only to see the many colors of friends
That also started their trek from below

The colors of red, yellow and green paint the sky
Each carrying a note of love

They float into the arms of an angel
With the softness of a feather from a dove

A tear gently caresses her cheek
And a smile with sunlight falls to us

Be happy our loving friend and know this
No matter the distance we are blessed...

~Written by Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head ©2010

Many members of our group released balloons to the heavens with attached notes to our PFATT sister Penny McAllister and other loved ones who have passed on. Yesterday was Penny's birthday and we wanted to do something special for her. Two years ago, several of us celebrated her birthday early with her during our PFATT Fest held in Lafayette, California. We bought her a cake and surprised her with it on our last night together. That was a very special night and one that none of us will ever forget. ♥

Below are all the pics that were taken yesterday. So felt so good to let those balloons go sailing up into the sky. We know she was looking down at us all and smiling. There were so many signs of her around us that day.......Happy Birthday Penny!! ♥

Kaf Grimm releasing her balloons at Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.......
Ladbugs were all over the beach! Penny loved ladybugs!
A rainbow ring around the sun......another sign!
Zinnie Galliher released her balloons with attached note from Roseville, California...

Sandy Wood from Murrieta, California released balloons for Penny, her Dad, brother and two of her pets...

Penny's special friend Christy Meyers released her balloons from Milwaukie,Oregon.......

Joyce Stahl, Lori Davis and Lori's granddaughter Jadyn released their balloons to Penny from New Phladelphia, OH........

Nancy Malay released her balloon from Faribault, Minnesota. Her balloon and even her outfit were in Penny's favorite ladybug colors and polka dots too!


  1. OMGosh... that is sooo sweet! And the Enya song rips my heart to pieces every time I hear it! I just love this blog! I'm sorry that it took this special post for me to mention that.

  2. What a lovely way to remember a friend. I didn't know Penny (just discovered your blog)but I know she was lucky to have you all as her friends and I am sure she is looking down from heaven with a big smile on her face at all the balloons and the love they bring.

  3. I will miss Penny everyday from now until eternity..... She knows it, and I hope she tweeks my wings, when I need it!

  4. ♥ She already has Crusty..............=o)

  5. Just now seeing this-a huge HUG to all of you who loved Mama as much as we did. She was so happy to have found friends who love creating as much as she did. I hope to meet a few of you one day, but for know-a huge heartfelt thanks!

    Katie McAllister

    Like you Christy, I will miss her from now until eternity.