Sunday, March 8, 2009

And the Winners are.........

Thank you to everyone who signed up for this awesome Giveaway! The winners are posted below and the maker will contact you. If you didn't win this month, be sure to stop back the 1st of every month for the monthly PFATT Giveaway and sign up!
**If you haven't left an email address for the maker to get ahold of you, please contact them and let them know you are the winner!**

Christy's winner is:
#26 Tina

Brenda's winner is:
#7 Maria

Rose's winner is:
#27 Sue

Robin's winner is:
#62 Vickie

Nancy's set #1 winner is:
#50 Howling Moon

Lori's Ornie winner is:
#32 retro-rudolphs

Pam's winner is:
#17 old oaken bucket

Laurie's winner is:
#64 babette

Jo Ellen's winner is:
#25 Catherine R

Sandy's winner is:
#30 the french bear

Jo's winner is:
#54 Sheryl Parsons

Joyce's Ornie winner is:
#86 Tadpoles teacups

Kathy's winner is:
#42 Upon a Hill

Nancy's set #2 winner is:
#19 CK

Jan's winner is:
#33 orit

Joyce's frog winner is:
#55 shes off her rocker

Iva's winner is:
#16 Tristin Robin Blakeman

Lori's Tag winner is:
#21 sammamish7

Kaf's winner is:
#48 debra

Annette's winner is:
#18 sonia

Karen's winner is:
#1 gollywobbles


  1. Congratulation to all the winners!!!

  2. Congrats to all the winners - and I'm one! My first ever blogger prize!

    Thank you Iva! - and to all the PFATT folks for this oh-so-generous contest!

  3. Congratulations Lotti and Tristan!!! =o) Thank you both for signing up!

  4. Tickled to win Nancy's rabbit tags!!! Thanks Nancy & Pfatties for picking me!

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:

  5. I'm so happy to have won your ornie Lori!

    Thanks so much, I LOVE it!!

    :) ~ Lori

  6. WOW! Congrats to all the lucky winners! what fUN!

  7. Ahh wow I am sooo excited. I rarely ever win giveaways! Eppsss...this is so much fun!! I am Jo Ellen's winner #25 Catherine R...Thank you so much! Congrats to all of the winners! I hope every one has a fab week! I am so impressed by all of the creative artists on this blog! You all rock. :)


  8. A BIG Congratulations to all the lucky ladies who won!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

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