Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our PFATT Fest visit to Wendy Addison's Theatre of Dreams.....

One of the best things that the PFATTies have ever done was decide to have what we call PFATT Fest. We pick a place and time and anyone who is a member of our group and is willing and able can attend. The first one was in October of 2005 and was held in Berlin, Ohio......the heart of Amish Country. In October of 2006 Pfatt Fest #2 was held in Dellroy, OH at Atwood State Park and we had a booth at the Atwood Fall Festival. This past April was PFATT Fest #3 which was held in beautiful sunny Lafayette, CA.

During out 2008 PFATT Fest, we had a most magical visit to Wendy Addison's Theatre of Dreams, located in the tiny little village of Port Costa, California. It was THE highlight of our trip getting to see her studio and meet Wendy in person. She is such a sweet, caring and kind lady and she was so willing to share with us all. We all came away with memories that we will carry with us in our hearts and never forget.

Thank you once again Iva (Iva's Creations) and Colleen (Merry Wishes & Vintage Dreams)........=o)


  1. I am so thankful for being a part of this family of women artists. It was my pleasure to help coordinate your visit to my neck of the woods, and my way of saying thank you for being there when I need you all. Love and hugs...Iva

  2. Oh this was such an inspiration to me to see this just now bringing warm fuzzies to my being. Thanks so much Iva and Colleen for one of the most wonderful times of my gave me "new life". Hugs, Robin

  3. Amazing artist!

    I am off to add you ladies to my blog roll!

    Hugs and Blessings,
    Wendy ~ Simply Cute Crafts

  4. Thanks for posting this video!

    Because I also make small theatres, I was particularly interested in seeing Theatre of Dreams. I just read an article/interview with Ms. Addison this week - and it was so evocative I wanted to see more of her shop - and now I have!

    It is taking me forever to visit all your artists' blogs!